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About Learning for Themselves : Templates for independent investigation

Jeni Wilson and Kath Murdoch

In the decade since we published ‘Learning for Themselves: Pathways to Independence in the Classroom’ there has been a growing interest in differentiation, personalised learning and in fostering agency in young learners. We have continued to use this resource with teachers to support them in developing scaffolds and structures that nurture independence. The original book is now out of print so we are now offering a modified version as a digital download. In it, we provide checklists, grids, scaffolds, organisers, prompt cards and more to help support independent learning tasks. The focus of these templates is to provide learners with more opportunities to manage their time, plan investigations, self assess and organise their learning. You may use them as they are or perhaps you and your students may take them as a starting point to create your own. We hope you find them a useful addition to a learner and learning centred classroom.

About the LFT ebook

The LFT ebook is available to Australian customers for AUD$15.00 (inc gst) and to international customers for AUD$13.64

It is presented in pdf format as 64 single pages (including covers) in one 8mb file.

Please use the link on the “confirmation of purchase” page to immediately download the 8mb file to your computer or pdf friendly device. The link will expire in 24 hours. Any issues or problems with the download please contact Seastar Education Consulting.

Note:  This file may not be copied, shared or reproduced without the express permission of the authors.  Single pages of the “Learning For Themselves PDF” may be reproduced for classroom teaching purposes only.  All other uses require the permission of the authors.
Copyright for “Learning for Themselves: Templates for independent investigation” remains strictly with the authors Jeni Wilson and Kath Murdoch.

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Additional Information

Format:  pdf
Pages:    64 single pages incl covers
File Size:  8MB
Language: English
Illustrations:  Colour

Publisher:  Seastar Education, Melbourne, Australia
Published Digitally:   July 2018
ISBN-13: 978-0-9758412-2-8

Adapted from:
Learning for Themselves:  Pathways to independence in  the classroom
ISBN 978 1 86366 665 7
Published by Education Services Australia (originally Curriculum Corporation)
© Jeni Wilson & Kath Murdoch, 2008
Reprinted 2012
Out of Print